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31 Days of Twitter Tips E-book

If you’re looking for a way to grow your Twitter account and learn how to give back, then you’ll love the 31 Days of Twitter Tips E-book. Providing ideas for how to use just 12 minutes a day to build a Twitter following and engage and promote others, the e-book is a great tool to add to your virtual toolbox.

31 Days of Twitter Tips will teach you how to stand out on Twitter.

31 Days of Twitter Tips will help you:

Take the 31 Day Twitter Tip CHALLENGE!

If you find yourself saying that you don’t have enough time in the day to use Twitter, then take the 31 Day Twitter Challenge, using just 12 Minutes a day to explore new tools, follow and tweet with others, and build a Twitter presence.

The 31 Day Twitter Tip E-book is filled with ideas based on Becky Robinson’s own personal experience and business approach. The skills and techniques that are shared in this e-book are the same tips that the team at Weaving Influence uses to promote the work of paying clients.

This e-book is a great addition to your media library if:

If you try the book and discover that it has helped you, contact Becky to find out about services offered by Weaving Influence, including webinars, consulting, coaching, implementation, editing, training, speaking, and content creation.

We’re confident that the tips, tools, and techniques contained in the 31 Days of Twitter Tips E-book will help you stay focused and be efficient in creating a powerful Twitter presence for your brand, blog, book, or business. If you’re not completely satisfied with the E-book, we’ll return your investment — no hard feelings.

Price: $7.99


“You can easily draw from it the pieces you need today, and then return to it again and again when you find your Twitter interactions in need of some recharging.”

Bret Wortman, Bret

“Great resource and an excellent overview of Twitter. It may become the first thing I hand to someone when they ask, ‘How do I start, um, twittering?'”

Tim Milburn, Tim Milburn: Developing Lifelong Leaders

“31 Days of Twitter Tips is hands-down the best guidebook for learning Twitter.”

Elizabeth Johnson, DogFur and Dandelions

“I downloaded your book […] and love it. I’ve been on Twitter for a few months now but became really active in July so the challenge is timely.”

– Vatsala Shukla, Karmic Ally Coaching

“Whether you are new to Twitter or have been on Twitter for a good amount of time, Robinson’s book offers 31 ways to help you think about what your purpose for being on Twitter really is.”

Jimmy Prouix, Faithpoint Community Church

“Professionally written by someone who has been there, done that and learned from it, 31 Days of Twitter Tips is a great resource to making the most of Twitter.”

Lisa Rosendahl,

“It’s packed full of good tips – I’m learning a lot!”

Andrea Buczynski, @AndreaBuczynski

“Her writing is […] perfect for the structure of the book – concise and clear and very motivating. I appreciated her emphasis on using Twitter even if you have minimal time.”

Sheila, Seasoned Joy

“I do feel like my twitter time each day has become more meaningful. Rather than just wading through gobs of info, it is more purposeful. I have connected with people. Twitter has become more personal. More of a relationship.”

  Bernadette V.BarefootHippieGirl

“If you’re looking to spend less time on Twitter but getting more from it, then this is the book for you.  I would definitely recommend  getting a copy of this and working through it.”

– Jo HarrisonWriters Block Admin Services